I am a textiles artist living in Norfolk.

I graduated with a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Art and Design, in 2010.


Having studied constructed textiles my work challenges established concepts of weave. Working off loom, I lay both warp and weft simultaneously, wrapping yarn directly around a frame structure. By applying my own mathematical formulae to the intersecting layers of yarn, geometric forms emerge. These structures react with light to create a constantly changing visual experience, intensified as the observer moves around the work.

My work is initially process driven: an exploration of the interaction between horizontal and vertical lines, each new project beginning with a questioning of the technique and experimenting with new ways of wrapping. Wrapping is an instinctive process for me; my underlying motivations and influences becoming apparent as new pieces are produced.

The frame is of utmost importance to the work, providing the essential structure as well as a visual contrast to the yarn. In conjunction with form, colour is a key element in my work. The inspiration for my choice of colour is wide ranging, often combining the natural and man-made world, in whatever way feels right to me at the time. Hand-dyeing my own yarns allows me to control my palette and fine-tune colour combinations to create specific resonance and contrast.


To discuss potential commissions or collaborations please write to mail@maryrosewatson.co.uk

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